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 Need another artist for an event as my partner! (On WH)

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PostSubject: Need another artist for an event as my partner! (On WH)   Sat Mar 20, 2010 2:16 pm

Well....I do!?

lol, I was thinking of opening a surprise bag event on WH(I'm Akiza on WH) it'll pay either in Paypal first, and after a certain amount of time deltas after(Or vise versa). And I was thinking of having another artist to help me make poses and get some of the profit. There's going to be 5 bags, with 5 different themes and 3-4 poses in each bag. Each bag will go for $2.00 or 2 deltas.

.:What kind of artist I'm looking for:.
I'll be looking for an artist that can outline, GS well, transparify the BG, and delete loose pixels. (I can do all those, except get rid of the stubborn loose pixels)

Here's what I'll need if you're willing to accept my offer: (Many can try, I'll probably pick 1 or 2)

Examples of Outlines (Transparent BG)

Examples of FULL Poses

Examples of Greyscales

(Also if you have read this all, and want to help out, put BumbleBunny somewhere in your post)
Thanks for taking the time to read this, even if you can't help out! <3

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Need another artist for an event as my partner! (On WH)
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