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 Animated Canine Icons! 4$ each

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PostSubject: Animated Canine Icons! 4$ each   Thu Mar 18, 2010 5:29 pm

I got flash today, so I tought I would try it! 8D

Sizes 150x150px - 100x100 px - 50x50 px:
Glow ©️ Me, Wolfglow.

You CAN tell what color you want has background, but it will be kinda on the animation, because.. idk. its something as above, atleast C:
all these are included. will uppload only one for one at furaffinity in 150x150, and send all the different sizes in PM on here or over mail.
will send at PM first, so you can see that I got all right and the background is ok and such C:

Im only accepting PayPal, sorry.

Extras (horns, hair, hats an so on) + 0.50$

Just post under, or send PM. same for me.
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Animated Canine Icons! 4$ each
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