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 Once in a lifetime- Important

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PostSubject: Once in a lifetime- Important   Sun Mar 07, 2010 3:03 pm

OK for those who can actually stand for my muttering about this site, will know I'am very stressed at the moment. My Co-admin/worker Eclipse was part of the production of this site and well hasn't been active at all. I respect that people can't always be on the computer, but to abandon me and only give reasoning's today upset me, as me and Accalia have been talking about the chat most recently, and I'm going to try to open a chat for everyone to enjoy and use. But I need support and a co-admin...

And this is where the 'once in a life time' opportunity comes into mind. I have decided amongst myself to promote 1 user into the rank Co-admin, I know at the mean time it's just a colour and a side name. However, you'll be working beside me and help me plan things, not to mention actually drawing out custom rooms for people to actually stay in. This is a once in a lifetime, because I know, If I pick someone who is willing to help, I will not need to do something that is making question my actions, but I know I need the help, and I know there must be one user here dedicated to help.

As I said before, I can only take in one user, which means you're going to have to convince me why and how you're willing to help. I'am not asking for the money side of things, I'am pretty sure I can work that out myself, but with the production, and if you feel the need to help me, donations of money would be grateful but I'd like an actual price before I can accept it.

Do apply you must:
-Post here.
-State your age
-State your name (trust)
-D.O.B (date of birth)
-What you can help with
-What you can do to improve the site
-Why you what such an important role
and a question...
A user named '001' wants to apply to be an admin here at Mystical Plains, the notice board clearly says 'closed'. You confront the user and tell them they can not apply at this time. They start to abuse their rights and swear.
You try and calm them down, but they're not having it, you....please complete this incident that may be a real situation one day, in your words.

Thank you, remember only one person.

Site admin
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PostSubject: Re: Once in a lifetime- Important   Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:08 am

Locking this, we don't need extra staff.
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Once in a lifetime- Important
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