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  Rin for Head Moderator?

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PostSubject: Rin for Head Moderator?   Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:50 am

Well seeming people (admins) haven't really considered looking at Skullion's post on whether this user should be a HM or not, I have decided to post here, as I find promoting new people or people in general very challenging. I'am happy with the amount of staff we have, 20 members, 10 are admins and mods. It's other people's decision as well whether they think a user should be promoted.

So Rin is a new member, and would like to be a Head Moderator, which kind of annoyed me seeming we don't have that rank, but I took it into consideration that we should have heads of teams, like AcidPaw, she leads the art members.
The application can be found here:

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Rin for Head Moderator?
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