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 Staff Applications - OPEN

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PostSubject: Staff Applications - OPEN   Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:44 am

Your username/past names:
About you: Just a small paragraph on how your personality is and maybe a few good traits you have.
Past jobs: If you have been staff on a chat site before and what your position and duties were.
Position desired: What position you’re looking for.

This part of the application is to see how well you can handle certain situations that might pop up. These situations have to deal with each staff position that will be available.

Situation 1, chat moderator: Moka is a new member who comes into a room looking for a mate. She notices a male member and starts flirting with him, and his mate is with him in the same room. His mate gets angry and yells at her. So Moka and the male’s mate start cursing at each other and roleplaying out that their killing each other. Another member in the room calls you and sends you the log on the chat as to what’s going on. So you leave the room you’re in and go into the room where the fight is taking place, what would you do?


Situation 2, forum moderator: Peanut is new to the forums and is a little confused on how to do things. So she goes through a few boards and spams them out with questions. Then she PM’s another member asking the same questions thinking they would know and spams out their inbox and doesn’t stop after being asked countless times to stop. The member being bothered PM’s you then sends all their messages sent by Peanut and you look them over, what would you do?


Situation 3, art staff: Trigger sees that a lot of members have poses and decides he wants some too. So he finds some poses and colors them in MS paint. He then uploads 6 poses, all of them are colored very poorly and outside their outlines, 2 have their facings backwards, 1 has many loose pixels, 3 aren’t shaded, and the other two have absolutely no highlights and not much of the poses can be seen because of the dark coloring. Then after a couple of days he gets annoyed then starts harassing you to look at his poses and says he won’t stop bothering you until you look at them, what would you do?


This last part of the application is for those looking to be on art staff. In order for us to get a sense of your art skills, we would like to see some of it for ourselves to help with our decision and if you really know what you’re doing and what will be expected of you.

2 most recently colored and/or shaded poses:
2 greyscaled poses:
1 made ref:
4 pieces of art work, poses, headshots, portraits, etc:

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Staff Applications - OPEN
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