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  Hello, Art Wolf here.

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PostSubject: Hello, Art Wolf here.   Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:32 am

Im a girl, 14 years old and im from norway... also known as Wolfglow, Kehsan and AcidPaw.
as you can see, Im the Art Alpha.. so, if you dont behave... well, I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU <33

... x3 feel free to send me PM, I will answear C:

this is what Im doing as Art Alpha:
I delete art/pictures who aint PG13.
Im moderator over the "Art" category.
I delete topics in the "Art" category who does'nt follow the rules.
I answear questions about what you can uppload.
I review poses (when the chat is up, I guess)

Email/msn: | website: | DeviantART: | FurAffinity:
or just send me a PM. (Private message)
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Hello, Art Wolf here.
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