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  Apply to be a Staff here

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PostSubject: Apply to be a Staff here   Mon May 30, 2011 1:11 am

Hello I'am Guardian the site admin here, I'am used by all administrators to post news for you guys.
We are all pleased we have some members, and well now we would like at least one person each to fill our moderators/admins out. So that if more people join, we are prepared.

Since we're new, we will not open applications, instead for this time only we ask you reply to this post with the following info:

Why do you want to help?
Are you experienced?

If you're applying to be an art staff, we ask you post examples.
If you are experienced you will be placed higher ratings.
The positions available are Beta and Gamma, only!

Your head of art is AcidPaw any questions, please ask her.

Seo UK
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Apply to be a Staff here
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