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 Werewolf Contest. ($30/deltas prize)

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PostSubject: Werewolf Contest. ($30/deltas prize)   Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:15 pm

Adding this in. It might help people grasp the concept of this werewolf.

Quote :
This was based after a dream I had. All I can remember, I will post here.

This was sometime in the future. It takes place in a desert like area, with a city full of large buildings. Everything there was made of sand. Women were in the streets, long clothing, and cloths over their faces. Their language was different, nothing known as of today. The women were in the streets, carrying large wicker baskets of food (apples?) It was extremely windy, visibility blocked out by the sand. The werewolf lived near here, with her barn owl companion.

Maybe, I don't know. Yes, tomorrow I will be ending my dragon contest. So don't get bent up about it.

Uhm, I have a character in mind. She isn't post apocalyptic, but just before the apocalypse. Humans still exist, but the world and human populations are slowly being killed off by famine and great wars. I don't know what it's called haha.

Thing is, I don't want her to look too much like one of Kesame's werewolf species (sorry I can't remember the name. Velian?.. sorry Neutral).

Basically (since I can't draw), I'm going to host a contest. Please make sure it isn't too much like her species, I seriously don't want to be flamed.

What I would like:

-Female Anthro werewolf, skinny side, and lithe.
-Lives in deserted cities (usually ones abandoned by humans).
-Loves to scrounge around and collect things. (Broken glass, small collectibles, etc).
-Wears tattered clothing made by various things. (Tarp, blankets, etc).
-Will sometimes live among the humans for need of food. Loves to study human behavior and the like.
-When she is in the city, she will dress up to hide her figure. She usually hides her self by dressing up as a fortune teller.
-She is usually quiet, and solitary. However, when she converses with humans, she has a deep like voice, with a thick accent. She is smart, and can be dangerous when the time calls for it.
-Has a small Barn owl companion. Barn owl has a mechanical leg, which was made up by the werewolf.
-Stick with oranges, and blacks. Feel free to add other colors that would match, or look good. Also, feel free to be creative.


-Must be female.
-Can add piercings or sashes or something IF you think they would fit her.
-Must be anthro, flat colored. Please don't make it extremely sloppy.
-Must have barn owl on the ref.
-Please do not add a name.
-Please DRAW your ref. I do not want free templates in this one.

What do we get?:

This is a delta prize, alright? 30 deltas should suffice? Yes I do have some money, but I have other things to pay for. If I still have some money, I might do money as well.

Any questions, please PM me.

Crisis (?)
Dr. Stick- One
Greave (?)
Pladywolf- One
PATCHii (?)
Cass- One [/size]
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Werewolf Contest. ($30/deltas prize)
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