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 Mm what you say? (Auction)

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PostSubject: Mm what you say? (Auction)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:42 pm

I really love this character. A lot. I don't expect much, so I am starting the bid off cheap c:

(C) Me, not free.

Song I had in my head when I created her.

Hide and Seek


Use her. Don't let her collect dust, please.

Starting price: 1.00 $/Δ

HB: SilverSkyWolf -2.00Δ

End date: April 5th (can extend if needed).

Buy out 10 $/Δ Razz

Also, I left room on the ref, so you can add a name/info/etc. Please do not change anything on the character c:

(C) Me, not free.

He was abused as a kit/pup thing. His previous owner's children gave him a plastic locket, and a bandanna. Although it was just for dress up, he treasures these items. They are the only items that remind him he was once loved, and give him hope.

Though he was abused, he is very loving, though scared of humans.

Again, left blank spaces for name/information.


Use him. Don't let him collect dust, please.

Starting price: .50 $/Δ

HB: Katia- .75

End date: April 6th (can extend if needed).

Buy out 5 $/Δ Razz
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Mm what you say? (Auction)
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