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 Making one free Dredge Wolf Ref

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PostSubject: Making one free Dredge Wolf Ref   Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:32 pm

Ref will be something like this:

(C) Me, [size=150]Imiko's use only.[/size] Dredges (C) Kannon/Galagya.

Not first come first serve. Will leave this up for a bit.

Mane - the mane is always spiked, but where is it the heaviest on your character? Back of the head? Jaw bones?:
Other characteristics (scars, rope, etc):

Also, post "Caterpies win." in a different color so I know you read the rules Very Happy


Quote :

- Any suitable climate. Can, and has, lived in most habitats, excluding the deserts and arctics.
- Does not avoid urban areas, but usually happen to stay in more desolate locations.
-They are commonly seen living in city wastelands or outskirts where there is a human population. This makes scavenging easier. However, they are elusive and nocturnal. Any sightings of the breed are usually at night.
- Known to be on the move throughout most of their lives.


-This is a very lean animal. They have heavy bones and toned bodies. Resembling the body type of a hyena, their backs slope downward, making them "top heavy", where most of the weight is carried in their chest, neck, and front legs.
- Muscular, toned bodies.
- Short, coarse fur covering most of the body.
- Noticeable mane, with long spiky fur along the back of the neck.
- Mane can continue down back or end at the shoulders.
- Tail length varies. Tail also has longer, jagged fur. Length is naturally long, however if they are altered for fighting, the tail is typically docked.
- Long, broad muzzle with extremely strong jaw muscles. Tests have shown their bite force pressure can range between 800 and 1200 lbs psi (which is almost 4 times the force of a domesticated dog).
- Very large ears that lay back at a 45 degree angle when relaxed. Again, if altered for fighting, the ears can be cropped.
- Large flat paws.
- Long, sharp fangs and nails.
- Looks resemble a mix between a maned wolf and a hyena.
- COLORS: Fur comes in a variety of colors, but with a recognizable pattern...

Fur is mostly white or another light color. Has few markings of a darker(or vibrant) color, usually on the face, mane, legs, or chest.

Fur is mostly black, or another very dark color. Has very few markings of a lighter(or vibrant) color, usually on the face, mane, legs, or chest.

Fur displays three solid colors of three different shades. At least one of those colors is a neutral shade. These colors blend into each other through patterns in the coat (i.e. spots, blotches, fade). General layout for the colors is: dark on the back, mid-tone as the main coat, light tone on the under side.

Fur is made of 3-6 shades of color, usually including black & a very high contrast color (white, very light green, pale yellow, icey blue). Colors usually blend from light to dark. (ex- black, dark red, medium red, bright red, pink, white)

- Coat is often streaked or spotted.


- Often live alone but have been known to form packs or temporary alliances to achieve common goals (such as hunting or relocating).
- Often reclusive.
- In few accounts of sightings, have appeared hostile.
-Known to communicate to each other with howls or whooping.
Sound files: ... /wolf9.wav ... hyena1.wav


- Mating season/behavior unknown.
- Assumed to have small litters. (1-2 pups)
- Accounts of having same-sex mates, & disregarding a need for offspring.
- Will not reproduce outside of the breed. Gene pool remains unpolluted.
- Pups usually do not form coat patterns (spots, streaks, etc.) until they reach one year.
- Pups will leave their mother after 9 months, and this is usually the time in which they are taken into captivity because they are still young.


- Omnivorous.
- Will raid garbage, stalk prey, or eat sushi. Practically no limitations on diet.
- Will resort to cannibalism or killing humans.


- Accounts of human attacks.
- Extremely intelligent and agile.
- Have been found with strange human-inflicted marks or objects - such as collars, belts, bows, and bodily harm or defects (toxins, unnatural coloring, cuts/scars, physical or mental alterations).
- [Have anthro forms.]

Name - names for dredge wolves are unique and generally "mean" sounding. Names like spike, talon, george, fluffy, are not acceptable for this breed. If you need help with ideas, please ask!

Gender - simple, just let me know if your character is male or female.

Age - i'd like to exercise my creative abilities and draw characters from different age groups, so let me know if it's a pup, an adolescent, adult, or elder.

Coat - colors and pattern you'd like to see used

Mane - the mane is always spiked, but where is it the heaviest on your character? Back of the head? Jaw bones? Give me an idea to play with.

Cropping/docking - is the tail or ears of the character modified?

Other characteristics - scarring, amputations, moderate accesories (aka piercings; honestly i don't like to see this breed with earrings and lip studs... but we could talk about it)

Personality/History - this will help me in creating the look of your character. Keep in mind that this breed is very rough around the edges, but not every one of them are cold and hardened.
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PostSubject: Re: Making one free Dredge Wolf Ref   Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:26 am

Caterpies win AND IT'S TRUE!

Name: Viztra
Gender: Female
Age: Teenager.
Coat: Black
Mane - the mane is always spiked, but where is it the heaviest on your character? Back of the head? Jaw bones?: Somewhat like the mane of a lion, exceept the circle. Except the flower part.> flower
Cropping/docking: ?? Please tell me what it is and I'll edit Razz
Other characteristics (scars, rope, etc): She has a purple nadana before her eyes and some purple markings around her body. Link with her in
Personality/History: When she was a puppy, her family were taken in to a lab to be tested. When her parents died she got mad and attacked, but soon did as her brother did, escaped. The only problem for her was that she ran into a tank, which was full of a purple liquid. The liquid stuck at her fur and digged it's way into her eyes, making her blind. She luckily managed to escape and found her brother. She licked him in the face to show she as glad he was alive. The next thing she knew was that the brother lied dead on the ground. This happening made her shy and angry, which again makes it hard for her to know what to do. Alfa is now her best, and worst friend.

She is known to have some mystical powers, maybe that is why Viztra still is a teenager when the experiments happened over 10 years ago?

Tell me if there is anythng you need me to edit 8D
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PostSubject: Dredge Wolf… (If not too late…)   Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:10 pm

Name: Tueur (Means "Killer" in french)
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Coat: The back is a strict dark gray that eases it's way lighter as it gets down towards the sides and the haunches. From the sides, it makes a blend and eases its way generally slowly to a red that ends at the knee. From the knee down are vertical strips of light gray and dark red that are somewhat diagonal too. Along the bridge of the nose are vertical, dark blue lines that go to about an inch from the eye before turning into a spot that surrounds the eye in every place by an inch. The tips of the ears and tail are a wavy, light, toxic green that end up making a strip down the back of the neck and the back.
Mane: The mane is the most seen behind the ears and towards the middle of the neck. it is very distinct and long, and towards the end it starts to droop downwards. At the tip of the mane is a light blue specks and turns into the toxic green then a slight layer of red and then once more dark gray
Cropping/docking:The ears should be very pointy and not cropped along with the tail
Other characteristics: The left ears is torn to half way down, and this Dredge is also mainly seen with a a necklace of a running wolf that shines midnight blue constantly.
History: This dredge wolf comes from a far away land with no name to this day. The land was so rich of soil, so rich of trees and so rich of fresh air. There lived a small pack there, their goal was to survive through the vast winters that they had in the land, so they decided to group up and stay together, mainly for the rest of their lives. Though, men came in and found the land in which this dredge lived, and, because the men were cutting down the forests that they loved so much food got scarce. Soon after wards, the small pack had to separate itself, every Dredge going lone. At this time, Shika was only four months old, though the members were not able to take their young. The small pup then had to make her way along the terrain with no one by her side. One day, while taking a mid-afternoon nap, she was picked up by humans, brought and raised on a farm. She was still angry with the world, but she couldn't be angry with those that raised her, took her in for once. When Shika was old enough to hunt, she would and, and she would do well. She got a taste for every kind of flesh though, including human. When food got scare once more, she started targeting humans, and she was no longer allowed within the territory of humans. All alone within the territory, she decided to travel distances in night, and hide within day, her only resistance against being found by people. She was a loner… for good…

Personality: She is a very, strong-headed stubborn Dredge. She will go quickly to attack mode if threatened or if anyone even comes near her. Though, she would rather shy away and hide, she will laso fight for her own life and for her own resting spot ect. If she had pups, she would fight for them. She would not want them to feel what she did… it would be terrible. But her anger does also sometimes bring her to attack people she doesn't even have a grudge against.

Caterpies are awesome, always will be always are. CATERPIES WIN
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PostSubject: Re: Making one free Dredge Wolf Ref   

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Making one free Dredge Wolf Ref
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