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 Redline Thread

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PostSubject: Redline Thread   Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:24 am

Well if you need help or have an anotomy problem, feel free to ask us if we can help you, and of course we can! ^^
if there is something special you want us to look at, then just tell.

and everyone can post, even people who think they suck at drawing. this will just help you improve your drawing skills.
Also everyone can redline, as long as the anotomy is correct ;3

BUT we need a few rules, so the topic doesn't need to be locked.

1. Do not nag about help, you get it when people are available to help you.
2. Do not ask a certain person to help you, it would be unfair.
3. Do not spam, double post or bump in this thread. To edit your post you press the button "Edit".
4. Follow the forum rules who can be found here:

Here is also something who may help you:

Human Muscular System:
Wolf anotomy and behaviour:
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Redline Thread
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