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 Cheap sketches

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PostSubject: Cheap sketches   Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:15 pm

I believe I've been getting a bit better so I thought I would give a try at selling sketches. So if anyone would like a sketch of their characters you can post. Now since I'm still improving for now I'de like to start with simple characters, now these are only going to be sketches but once their done you can make them into poses, avatars, whatever just give me credit in the end. I will only do up to 3 sketches per person because I don't want to swamp myself with these because I am still in school and I do have life other then here and being a senior I have things to do. I will only do 4 people at a time, anyone else will be put on my waiting list and I only ask that people do not bug me about when their sketches will be done. I can have them done the same day when the request is posted or a few days. But I never wait any longer then a week unless something comes up which I will warn everyone ahead of time if that happens.

Paying methods

Deltas, WH chat name is Jade. Or Snail mail, PM me for address.


1 sketch- $1.00 or .10 deltas

2 sketches-$2.00 or .15 deltas

3 sketches- $3.00 or .20 deltas

To-do list


Waiting list

Examples can be found here: Click
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Cheap sketches
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