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 The rules and conditions

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PostSubject: The rules and conditions   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:28 pm

Hello and welcome to Mystical Plains, a site for people who love to just talk about anything can be.
The first initial idea was to have a graphical chat included, however, this is still being considered and the staff would like that you wait till we give you an insight of our decision.
Our team are split into administrator groups. The groups where of course inspired by wolfhome.

The Alpha's
The team of admins ranked the symbol, consist of Alpha, admin and Alpha artist.
You can not ask for these positions, they are important and are only given to members we believe will help the site.

The Beta's
The beta rank is second from admin, you have the same rights as everyone else, your symbol marked
Being a beta can be applied for but we prefer to hand pick our staff.

The Gamma's
Last but not least, Gamma's. Your symbol is, .
You can do anything Beta's and Alpha's can. There are rules in which will be posted blow.

Being an administrator is not always fun, if you're ranked Beta or Gamma, you're aloud to ban members but only if we feel this should be done. Alpha's we strongly encourage you do the same. We have our very own email address this is where you may contact other members of staff, or if you wish to 'Ban talk' through email, your always welcome.

Your site admins.
Who are we?
We are basically people who planned and designed this site to run it's best and ensure you have a good time here. The two admins are Eclipse and Skullion.
They are both ranked Alpha, but are named Co-Admin and Site Admin.

If you have any suggestions, we recommend you ask them, if you feel comfortable talking to another member of staff, ask them to pass on the information to the heads.
All ideas and suggestions are welcomed, we don't want you to hesitate asking questions, we're all user friendly and believe you should have a say in things.

For the admins:
-Please ensure you discuss bans with Skullion or Eclipse, whichever is available.
-You're entitled to two parts of the forum's in which regular members can not see, we ask you do not snare any information with others. This may result in demotion.
-Be polite to your users, if they're impolite, you remind them that you're a Moderator/Admin and you're here to help.

Thank you for reading this, any further questions, please email:

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PostSubject: Re: The rules and conditions   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:35 pm

For those who do not know, the user Guardian is used by all admins as such to post rules.
So is an inactive user.
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The rules and conditions
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